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"Sound Words" Archived Articles (All files in PDF format)

Local Authors

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Local Authors

Allison, Justava
        Silent Cry
Berdine, Gary
        Kenneth Berdine: Forty Years of Service
          Thanks Heather
        The Word of God
Blake, Coral
        No Place I'd Rather Be
        Ordinary Life As a Test of Faith
        Thankful for Jell-O
        The Devil In The Theater Versus The Devil In Our Lives
Blake, Heather
        Changing Medicine to Dessert
        Leap of Faith
        The Gift of Salvation
        Too Busy for God?
          Poison Cupcakes
Blake, Joe
        A Handful of Faithful Children of God
Blake, Paul B.
        God's Design
        My Little Angel
        Some Thoughts On Parents
        The Question Man Asks God
        The Seed Must Be Planted
        What Baptism Does
        Who Split the Log: The Man or the Axe?
Dulaney, Karen
        How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
Dunlap, Krystal
        Paul: Content Christian or Suidical Sadist?
Fleeman, Ken
        Burning Bridges
        Cumulus Congestus
        Good Measure
         "Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me"
        Prayers and Paperclips
        Servant of All
        What's Wrong With Dancing
Hager, Jessica
        To Know You're Never Alone
Jones, Randy
        Jesus' Reward
          Christ Proving God's Righteousness
Magnusen, Amber
        Dealing With Doubts
        Do You Also Suffer?
Martin, Devin
Minnis, Patrick

        A Letter to the President
        Holding the Masters Hand
Nuzum, Alvin
        Men Who Did Not Write The Bible
Parsons, Carl
        A Vapor of Time
        Scripture Cannot Be Broken
        The Bible: Do You Read It?
        The Temporal Gifts of God
        The Value of Being a Christian
        Walking With God
Rudolph, Anna
23rd Psalm Explanation
        A Garden in Eden
        Adorning The Doctrine Of God
        God's Love
        I Know I am Somebody
        Let Christ Out of the Church House
        Life Insurance
        Looking Back Ahead Around and Up
        My Blessings
        My Christian Resolutions
        Spiritual Arithmetic
        Standing Inside
        The Bible
        The Modern Day Prodigal Son
        The Old Scratch
        To Cheer You
        Wear It Out But Keep It
Snider, Corey
        True Love
Snider, Dan
        My Help
        Statements Made
Snider, Judy
        A New Poem

          Faded Memories
        Little Church on the Hill
        Study Your Bible
Statham, Alyssa
        Playing With Words
        Striving for a Crown
Strum, Carol
        God Bless My Patients
        Sister Ethel Palm
        What Will We Sound Like on Judgment Day?
Swords, John
Some Thoughts On, and Issues With, the Scriptures
Vandine, Mike

        Always Near by Mike Vandine
        Forbidden Dawn by Mike Vandine
        Heavenly Dream by Mike Vandine
        If There Was No God by Mike Vandine
        No Excuses by Mike Vandine
        The Lighthouse by Mike Vandine
        The Long Journey by Mike Vandine
        The Tie That Binds by Mike Vandine
        Work And Pray by Mike Vandine

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082299 Sound Words
        082999 A Good Name
        092699 You Can Listen As Well As You Hear
        112199 I Wish I Knew the Bible
        122699 The Natives Showed Us Unusual Kindness

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010200 Big Shiny Leaves
        020600 For I have Learned
        040200 Can A Man See God And Live
        051400 Then Who Is A False Teacher?
        052100 Answering the Calvinist
        052800 Telling It Like It Is
        061800 If Jesus Were Here Today Where Would He Worship?
        062500 Tradition or Expediency
        070200 Bibles Only
        070900 The Tragic Consequences of Divorce
        071600 Do I Have To Come?
        072300 Let Him Call For The Elders Of The Church
        073000 Answering The Reasons Why Folks Leave
        081300 Appointing Scriptural Elders and Deacons
        081300 Regarding The Qualification Of Believing Children
        091000 Do You Not Have Houses To Eat And Drink In?
        091700 Scripturally Acceptable Uses Of The Building
        100800 The Uncertainty Principle
        101500 Giving While On Vacation
        102900 Why Are There So Many Churches?
        110500 A Cause To Fall
        111200 Lifting Up Holy Hands
        111900 Idle Words
        121700 More Questions About Gods Marriage Laws
        123100 Two Letters to the Same Christian

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010701 Is It Scriptural Fellowship or Just Social Interaction?
        011401 Myopic Materialism
        012801 Evil for Good and Good for Evil
        021801 The Unjust Steward
        022501 Unity in Diversity
        031801 A More Sure Word of Prophecy
        040101 In All Things Made Like His Brethren
        040801 Barnabas Son of Encouragement
        040801 Revealed Matters and Romans 14
        041501 Baptism for the Dead
        050601 The Evolution of Attendance
        051301 God Authorizes Church Buildings as Expedient
        052701 Set for the Defense of the Overstatement
        072201 Public Confession of Sins
        072901 Public Confession of Sins conclusion
        082601 Dear Diary
        093001 Fellowship Questions
        101401 Individual Versus Collective Works
        102801 GREAT little Servants in the Kingdom
        110401 Exposing the Inner Man
        111101 Discipline and Maintaining Purity in the Local Church

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010602 Temptations of Power
        021002 The Seed of Woman and the Serpent
        033102 Finding a Way to Help
        041402 A Letter to a New Preacher
        042102 False Comforts of Calvinism
        052602 Only in the Lord
        060202 The Long and Short of Hair
        062302 How Can You Contend With Horses
        070702 Here We Go Again
        072102 Contending Earnestly for the Faith
        072802 Godly Wives
        080402 Godly Husbands
        081102 The Answer of a Good Conscience
        081802 The Incorruptible Seed
        082502 Godliness with Contentment
        090102 Coming to the Living Stone
        091502 The Church is not the Administrator of Salvation
        110302 Upon Receiving a Rebuke
        112402 The Breath of God
        120102 Where Does Evil Come From?
        120802 An Interview
        122202 Local Church Autonomy versus the Brotherhood
        122902 Local Church Autonomy versus the Brotherhood (conclusion)

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020903 Answering the Instrument
        021603 Prayer Strengthens Faith
        033003 The Increase in Moral Decay and the Loss of Character
        060103 Saints
        060803 I Have You in My Heart
        061503 To Live is Christ
        062903 To Live or Die for Christ
        070603 Conduct Worthy of the Gospel
        072003 Consolation in Christ
        072703 Let This Mind Be In You
        101903 The Paradox of God in the Flesh
        102603 A Name Which Is Above Every Name
        110203 Epaphroditus
        120703 Are Church Bulletins Wrong?

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020104 Is Marriage a Command or a Liberty?
        022904 Beware of Becoming Reactionary
        041104 A Question on Benevolence
        050204 Thou Fool
        060604 Be Found in Him
        062704 Pressing Toward the High Calling
        080804 Peace through Fervent Prayer
        091204 I Have Learned
        091904 The Servants Heart in Philippi
        092604 Think on These Things
        112104 What are the Limits of Fellowship?
        121904 Dwelling on the Object of Desire
        122604 The Sentence of Death

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010205 The Doctrine of Christ versus Methodism
        050105 Conclusion to Keeping the Faith in a Religiously Mixed Marriage
        072405 They Continued in Fellowship
        073105 A Question About Interest
        091805 Women Writing About Spiritual Things
        092505 More Bible Questions
        110605 Angelolatry
        112705 The Man in the Arena
        121105 Eating With Withdrawn From Family Members

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030506 I am a Poor Preacher
        031906 Of The Making Of Many Books
        032606 The New Bible Authority
        040906 Preaching to the Saved and Boring the Lost
        043006 Lets Start Talking
        051406 How Shall The Young Secure Their Hearts?
        052806 Death Bed Repentance
        111206 Remember the Struggle for Freedom
        121706 What Is A Sound Church?
        123106 The New New Year

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020407 The Error of the 1000 Year Reign
        022507 Ownership of Sin
        032507 A Dying Baby
        042207 Remembering Carl Parsons
        050607 Convincing Others to Change
        052007 The Role of Prayer in Suffering
        072907 Blessed Beyond Our Merit
        081907 Go And Learn What This Means
        101407 I Don't Have Enough Time
        102107 Assembling with the Saints in the First Three Centuries
        110407 Answering Questions About Elders
        120207 Let Love Be Without Hypocrisy
        121607 He Knew He Was Unfaithful
        122307 Gods Children Talk with One Another And God Listens

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042708 Not a One
        051108 A Cause to Fall
        052508 When I Am Weak
        071308 And Seeing You Will See And Not Perceive

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011809 "Well, He's Only Human"
012509 I Met a Man with Character This Week
012509 Is the Gospel Free?
020109 "I Was Formerly..."
020809 "Neither Do I Condemn You"
030109 How to Obtain the Best Possible Life
040509 Evil for Good and Good for Evil
040509 "For I have Learned"
080209 Holding the Ends Together Against the Middle
100409 Acceptance and Happiness
101109 Work Without Faith Is Dead
102509 God Is Love
112909 Why Should I Care About Your Problems?
121309 Isaac Asimov Analyses the Bible

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011010 Providing for 88 Children
041110 He Knew He Was Unfaithful
050910 Of What Value is Wisdom?
060610 TR Sets the "High Water Mark" for Congregational Health
082210 Incidental Encounters with Withdrawn From Christians
101010 Telling It Like It Is
101710 The End of Your Faith
112110 A Life of Joy
122610 What is Unique About Christian Joy?

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010911 Motherhood Illustrates the Wisdom of God
012311 Questions About the Lord's Supper
021311 How the Community Influence the Church
030611 Profitable to You and Me
031311 Paying My Way
032011 Once Upon a Time in the Government
050811 Prophecies About the End of Time
070311 Why is There No Joy without Sorrow?
072411 The Shoulders of Giants
082811 Way Too Seriously
112011 Pleading the Promises of God
112711 Constant Prayer

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010112 A Right Spirit
010812 Forwarding Foolishness
031812 Foolish Judges or Negligent Christians
032512 Deacons in Jerusalem
040112 Reasons to Believe in Prayer
041512 Withdrawing Membership
060312 The Bible and Numbers
072212 Anticipating What Comes Next
080512 Baptism by a Non-Christian
081212 Asking for Announcements
090912 The Lawless One and the Great Apostasy
091612 Understanding the Keys of the Kingdom
093012 Apostle Paul Offering Sacrifices
100712 "What can I do about Immodesty?"
102112 "Keep Your Head Down!"
121612 "The Sky is Falling!"


012713 The Epistle from Laodicea
020313 "Was Satan Ever in Heaven?" (Again? Really!)
040713 Text Variations in the Scriptures
042113 Am I Doing My Best?
051913 Prayer: Holy Hands and Holy Spirit
052613 "When Arguing with a Fool..."
060213 Speak Out! How Much?
061613 "I Sought for a Man Among Them..."
072113 Communion Kits
080413 Revelation Symbols
081813 Blaming God for Sin


071314 "Seeing, You Will See and Not Perceive"
072014 Assembling with the Saints in the First Three Centuries
083114 The Duties of Elders
090714 "A Sin Not Leading to Death"
101214 Ambassadors for Christ


020115 Things I've Learned Over the Years
030115 Lust
051015 Jesus' Hands
071915 - Should God Expect Less?
080915 - “I’m a Poor Preacher”
083015 - Love Believes All Things
090615 - Two Letters to the Same Christian: Which One Would You Like to Receive?
092715 - Giving Bible Answers to Bible Questions
110815 - How Does an Honest Christian Receive a Rebuke?
111515 - “Therefore”
112215 - Local Churches and Civil Government
121315 - "If You Have Run with the Footmen..."


011016 - Favorite Bible Version
013116 - "Seeing, You will See and not Perceive"
020716 - Is It Necessary to Re-Baptize Christians Leaving Institutional Churches?
021416 - Answering Excuses for Leaving the Church
040316 - Are We Accountable for Dreams?
050116 - "Of the Making of Many Books There is no End"
052216 - "In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit"
052916 - The More Things Change
073116 - He Knew He was Unfaithful
081816 - Life's Little Lessons VIII
092516 - "If We Confess Our Sins..."
101616 - "Idle Words"?
110616 - Difficult Texts in 1John 5
112716 - "I Wish I Had the Time to..."
121116 - Conspiracy Theories


012917 - "Of the Making of Many Books
020517 - "For My Yoke is Easy"
021217 - "I Was Formerly"
021917 - He Knew He was Unfaithful
022617 - Only God is Great!
042317 - Lessons from the 2017 FC Lectures
050717 - The Love that Saves
051417 - PayPal in the Collection Plate
052817 - Prejudice
061117 - "A More Sure Word of Prophecy"
062517 - Baptism for the Dead
072317 - Great Works Done by Small Congregations