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Audio Series (Sermons on the Family and the Eldership)

Audio Sermons (Older Sermons)

Local Preachers (Sermons presented by men from Tomlinson Run)

Recent Sermons (Sermons presented at Tomlinson Run within the past two months)

Gospel Meetings (Recent Gospel Meetings held at Tomlinson Run)

Audio Series (Sermons on Christian Families)

110710 PM PRB Understanding My Family
111410 PM PRB Understanding My Marriage
112110 PM PRB Understanding My Wife
112810 PM PRB Understanding My Husband
120510 PM PRB Understanding My Children
121210 PM PRB Understanding My Parents
031013 AM PRB Faithful Parents and Unfaithful Children
031013 PM PRB What Children Really Need

Audio Series

101611 PM PRB The Need for Scriptural Elders
102311 PM PRB The Work of Scriptural Elders
110611 PM PRB Identifying Scriptural Elders
111311 PM PRB Scriptural Deacons, Qualfications of Wives of Elders & Deacons, Plans & Procedures
060213 PM - In His Image (Lesson One)
060913 PM - In His Image (Lesson Two)
061613 PM - In His Image (Lesson Three)
062313 PM - In His Image (Lesson Four)
070713 PM - In His Image (Lesson Five)
051015 AM - "The Greatest of These is Love" (Part One)
051715 AM - "The Greatest of These is Love" (Part Two)
052415 AM - The Greatest of These is Love (Part Three)

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Current Audio Sermons (These sermons will be posted for two months, and then the oldest lessons will be replaced weekly by the most recent sermons.)

060417 AM - Our Words of Power
060417 PM - The Death of Abraham
061117 AM - Ye are the Light of the World
061117 PM - Getting up after being Knocked Down by Life
061817 AM - Singing Redemption's Song
061817 PM - "I AM"; Therefore, You Are
062517 AM - Lessons from the Altar of Jehovah Jireh
062517 PM - Opening a Door for the Gospel
070217 AM - Harvesting the Fruit of Ignorance
070217 PM - What to do When God Says "No"
072317 AM - Contentment: The Prince of Virtues
072317 PM - "I Cannot be Forgiven"
073017 AM - Do You Trust God or Just Believe in Him?
073017 PM - Why Do We Love the Lost?
080617 AM - We are Never Alone
080617 PM - The Day Everything went Wrong
081317 AM - Prayer Opens Doors
081317 PM - Habakkuk's Prayer
082017 AM - Blessings are Responsibilities
082717 PM - Make Me a Barnabas
091017 AM - "Make Me to Know Your Ways, O Lord"
091717 AM - The Power of the Resurrection
091717 PM - What Does the Bible Teach about Polygamy?

Audio Sermons (0lder)

        022711 PM PRB The Age of Accountability
        081306 PM PRB Eating With Withdrawn From Family Members
        082210 AM PRB The Choice Clothes
        100310 PM PRB Euphemisms: Dirty Talk in Disguise
        102410 PM PRB "I Am Afraid God Won't Forgive Me"
        121910 PM PRB The Seven Commandments for the Patriarchs
        032711 AM PRB Amen
        040311 PM PRB Social Networking and Sound Doctrine (Based in part on an outline by Zeke Flores, "When Facebook Meets the Good Book")
        042411 PM PRB What does the Bible Teach about Suicide?

        061911 AM Almsgiving
        061911 PM Teenage Dating: How Close Is Too Close?

          072411 PM - A Covenant with My Eyes
        041512 AM - Christians and the Modern Dance: Old Timer's Scruple or Old Fashioned Sin?
        051312 AM - Moment by Moment
        101412 AM - "I Come to the Garden Alone"
        112512 PM - Must I Be a Member of a Local Church?
        040713 AM - I Am Also a Citizen of the United States of America
        040713 PM - "Who Knows... the Spirit of the Animal?"
        070713 AM - Baptizing Our Parents and Children
        011716 AM - Christians and Self-Defense, Part One
        011716 PM - Christians and Self-Defense, Part Two
        052216 PM - 1st Century Christians and 21st Century Politics
        060516 PM - Is God Responsible for Disabilities?
        061916 PM - What Does the Bible Teach About Retirement?
        091816 AM - The Congregation that Lasted 100 Years
        100216 AM - You Can't be Taught Wrong and be Baptized Right
        111316 PM - "Am I Predisposed to Sin?"
        120416 PM - "Have I Committed the Sin Unto Death?"
        010117 PM - What Does the Bible Say about the Right to Privacy?
        010817 AM - What Does the Bible Say about Human Nature? Part One
        010817 PM - What Does the Bible Say about Human Nature? Part Two
        021217 AM - Hannah's Prayer
        022617 AM - Paul's Co-Worker Couple in Corinth
        022617 PM - Visiting Orphans
        042317 AM - "What Must I do to be Saved?" (An Examination of Conversions in the Book of Acts)
        050717 AM - Deathbed Confessions
        052217 PM - What Does the Bible Teach about Tithing?
        052817 PM - "Those who were Scattered went Everywhere Preaching the Word"

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Sermons by Local Preachers (Sermons presented by men from Tomlinson Run)

071013 PM - A Report on the Work in Los Angeles, California by Ethan Longhenry
100613 AM "We Would See Jesus" by Theron Smith
100613 PM Is Time Important by Zack Rhodes
020214 AM The Good Old Days by Ken Fleeman
020214 PM Knowledge from Naaman by Heath Baker
042014 AM Three Seeks of Zephaniah by Theron Smith
042014 PM "Why Have You Forsaken Me?" by Zach Rhodes
050414 PM On Candles and Chameleons by Rick Tuttle
082414 PM The Leaven of the Pharisees by Ken Fleeman
032915 AM Righteous Men by Ken Fleeman
032915 PM Learning from the Temptations of Jesus by Zack Rhodes
053115 AM Turnabout Back to Goshen by Theron Smith
053115 PM Do Not Forget by David Dulaney, Jr.
102515 AM Who Shall Deliver Me? by Ken Fleeman
111515 PM What Made Thessalonica Noteworthy? by Heath Baker
013116 AM Fellowship by Ken Fleeman
013116 PM What is the Importance of the Bible? by Zach Rhodes
032716 AM Goliath: Beginning or End? by David Dulaney, Jr.
032716 PM My Life is an Ark by Theron Smith
090416 AM Prayer by Jacob Doughty
090416 PM Lessons from Fish by Sam Berdine

103016 AM Sons of Encouragement by Heath Baker
103016 PM Running the Race by Shawn Mercer
012917 AM - Don't Worry About It by Heath Baker
012917 PM - What Did They Hear? by Ken Fleeman
020517 AM - Do You Hear What They Are Saying? by Zack Rhodes
020517 PM - “Restore the Joy of Your Salvation” by Theron Smith
041617 AM - Can a Christian Grow a Hybrid? by Theron Smith
041617 PM - God is with Me by Sam Berdine
070917 AM - Confessing Christ by Ken Fleeman
071617 AM - The Triangle of Sin by Zach Rhodes
071617 PM - Living in an Upside Down World by David Dulaney, Jr.

Sermons by Gary Berdine (Current year)

033014 AM - I Told You and You did not Believe
033014 PM - The Church as God would have It
050414 AM - Religious Certainty
062914 AM - Possessing the Mind of Christ
062914 PM - Things that Hinder
083114 AM - Blessed be the Lord
083114 PM - According to His Abundant Mercy
113014 AM - Some Compliments of Jesus
113014 PM - It Does Make a Difference
070515 PM - What About John?
102515 PM - Judging with Righteous Judgment
070917 PM - Just Like Jesus

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Gospel Meetings

Buddy Payne
        Buddy Payne 051913 Sunday AM Class: All Joy and Peace in Believing
                Charts: All Joy and Peace in Believing
        Buddy Payne 051913 Sunday AM Sermon: Pressing Toward the Goal
                Charts: Pressing Toward the Goal
        Buddy Payne 051913 Sunday PM: We Must Broaden Our Vision
                Charts: We Must Broaden Our Vision
        Buddy Payne 052013 Monday: Come Out From Among Them
                Charts: Come Out From Among Them
        Buddy Payne 052113 Tuesday: Our God He Is Alive
                Charts: Our God He Is Alive
        Buddy Payne 052213 Wednesday: Christians as Citizens of the USA
                Charts: Christians as Citizens of the USA

Bob Waldron
        Bob Waldron 090813 Draw From the Springs of Salvation
        Bob Waldron 090813 Accessing the Strength of God
        Bob Waldron 090813 Their Fear of Me is a Commandment of Men
        Bob Waldron 090913 The Prophets Speak to Our Generation
        Bob Waldron 091013 Decisions
        Bob Waldron 091113 Witnesses
        Bob Waldron 091213 A Study of Ezekiel 18
        Bob Waldron 091313 Dealing with Sins Committed

Dan Petty
        Dan Petty 051114 The Restoration Principle
        Dan Petty 051114 What is My Purpose in Life?
        Dan Petty 051114 Answering the Call of Duty
        Dan Petty 051214 What Makes a Marriage?
        Dan Petty 051314 Self Denial
        Dan Petty 051414 In Pursuit of Happiness
        Dan Petty 051514 The War Against the Flesh
        Dan Petty 051614 Looking Toward Heaven

Joseph Casimier
        Joseph Casimier 092814 Worship in Heaven
            PP Charts for Worship in Heaven
        Joseph Casimier 092814 The Birth of 3000 Babies
            PP Charts for The Birth of 3000 Babies
        Joseph Casimier 092814 Faithfulness
            PP Charts for Faithfulness
        Joseph Casimier 092914 Shall We Know One Another in Heaven?
            PP Charts for Shall We Know One Another in Heaven?
        Joseph Casimier 093014 The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus
            PP Charts for the Conversion of Saul of Tarsus
        Joseph Casimier 100114 The New Man
            PP Charts for The New Man
        Joseph Casimier 100214 For Such a Time as This
            PP Charts for For Such a Time as This
        Joseph Casimier 100314 Heaven Bound
            PP Charts for Heaven Bound

Mark Copeland
    Series Title: The Transformed Life - From Caterpillars to Butterflies

        Mark Copeland 041915 Motivated By the Mercies of God
        Mark Copeland 041915 Offering Bodies as Living Sacrifices
        Mark Copeland 041915 Not Conformed to This World
        Mark Copeland 042015 Transformed By Renewing Our Minds
        Mark Copeland 042115 Proving the Will of God
        Mark Copeland 042215 Serving the Body of Christ
        Mark Copeland 042315 With Christian Graces
        Mark Copeland 042415 Overcoming Evil with Good

Mike Stephens
        Mike Stephens 070915 Report on the Work at Wellandport, Ontario
        Mike Stephens 070915 A Bride for Isaac
        Mike Stephens 070915 "I Am the Lord"

Doug Roush
        Doug Roush 091315 2Peter 1
        Doug Roush 091315 Reflections on 9/11
        Doug Roush 091315 Our Purpose
        Doug Roush 091415 Our Purpose (Conclusion)
        Doug Roush 091515 God's Intention
        Doug Roush 091615 City of Refuge
        Doug Roush 091715 Learning from a Good Man
        Doug Roush 091815 Shelter

Jeremy Diestelkamp
        Jeremy Diestelkamp 101815 Report on the Work at Toronto, Canada
        Jeremy Diestelkamp 101815 Receive Your Free Gift
        Jeremy Diestelkamp 101815 Does This Offend You?

Edwin Crozier
        Edwin Crozier 050816 God's Way Works
        Edwin Crozier 050816 Love is a Cross
        Edwin Crozier 050816 Holy Matrimony
        Edwin Crozier 050916 Where Do I Draw the Line?
        Edwin Crozier 051016 Picture of God's Grace
        Edwin Crozier 051116 The Gift of Full Forgiveness
        Edwin Crozier 051216 What Did Jesus Do?
        Edwin Crozier 051316 Psalm 23: From the Pasture to the Palace

David Raif
        David Raif 052916 The Work in Guatemala
        David Raif 052916 God's Plan for You
        David Raif 052916 Sacrificing that which Costs Nothing

Joe Hamm
        Joe Hamm 082816 The Work in Philadelphia
        Joe Hamm 082816 God and the City
        Joe Hamm 082816 Habakkuk

Jason Hardin
        Jason Hardin 091116 Christians and Social Media
            Charts for Lesson One
        Jason Hardin 091116 Reverence and Awe
            Charts for Lesson Two
        Jason Hardin 091116 The Sin I Can't Overcome
            Charts for Lesson Three
        Jason Hardin 091216 Are We Too Narrow Minded?
            Charts for Lesson Four
        Jason Hardin 091316 When I Doubt
            Charts for Lesson Five
        Jason Hardin 091416 Tests and Temptations
            Charts for Lesson Six
        Jason Hardin 091516 Seven Ds to Pray for Your Heart
            Charts for Lesson Seven
        Jason Hardin 091616 Mortality Might be Swallowed up by Life
            Charts for Lesson Eight

Donnie V. Rader

Donnie Rader 040217 AM Class Believing God
    Charts for Lesson One
Donnie Rader 040217 AM Sermon The Blame Game - The Victim Mentality
    Charts for Lesson Two
Donnie Rader 040217 PM Anchored in the Storms of Life - Acts 27
    Charts for Lesson Three
Donnie Rader 040317 Is One Faith as Good as Another?
    Charts for Lesson Four
Donnie Rader 040417 Redemption in Christ
    Charts for Lesson Five
Donnie Rader 040517 The Value of Sin
    Charts for Lesson Six
Donnie Rader 040617 The Seduction of Joseph
    Charts for Lesson Seven
Donnie Rader 040717 The Wayward Son Comes Home
    Charts for Lesson Eight

Andy Diestelkamp

Andy Diestelkamp 092417 Sunday AM Class - God's Plan for the Family
Andy Diestelkamp 092417 Sunday AM Sermon - God Spoke
Andy Diestelkamp 092417 Sunday PM - "I Think God Would Want Me to be Happy"
Andy Diestelkamp 092617 Tuesday - Dress for Success
Andy Diestelkamp 092717 Wednesday - Faith, Courage & Success
Andy Diestelkamp 092817 Thursday - Be Strong
Andy Diestelkamp 092917 Friday - Accountability & Success

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