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Bible Class Lessons

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Studies

Indepth Adult Class

Miscellaneous Materials

Historic Bible Studies

Old Testament Survey (lessons compiled by Paul R. Blake)

    Old Testament Survey Part One:  A Study of Beginnings - Genesis and Exodus

    Old Testament Survey Part Two:  History of the Law and Conquest - Leviticus through Ruth

    Old Testament Survey Part Three:  History of the Kings and Captivity - First Samuel through Esther

    Old Testament Survey Part Four:  Wisdom Literature - Job through Song of Solomon

    Old Testament Survey Part Five:  Major Prophets - Isaiah through Daniel

    Old Testament Survey Part Six:  Minor Prophets - Hosea through Malachi

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New Testament Studies

    Harmony of the Gospels by A. T. Robertson

    52 Bible Lessons by J. W. McGarvey

    The Gospel of John, A Basis for Belief (a study guide compiled by Ken Fleeman)

    A Study of the Book of Revelation:  The Triumph of the Suffering Church (by Paul R. Blake)

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Indepth Adult Bible Studies (Notes for Monday evening classes)

How Great Thou Art and How Small We Are!

What is Man that You are Mindful of Him?

Who is the Lord? (Son of God or Son of Man)

Notes and Questions remaining from July and August 2012 Monday classes

What is Inspiration?

The Word of the Lord is Living and Powerful

What the Scriptures Reveal about Hell

What the Scriptures Reveal about Heaven

A Study of the Adversary

A Study of the Gentiles Who Were "A Law Unto Themselves"

Four Perspectives of the Three Dispensations (chart)

New Testament Prayer

Old Testament Prayer

101 Important Bible Matters

Attributes of God Shared with Humankind

After Death and Before the Judgment

Must Christians Use Extraordinary Medical Means to Prolong Their Lives in this World?

How a Christian Deals with the End of Life

What are the Effects of Worship on the Worshiper?

Self-Discipline and Worship

What Does the New Testament Teach About Fasting?

What Does the New Testament Teach About Almsgiving?

An Overview of the Book of Hebrews

The Innocent for the Guilty: the Whole Price for Sin, and Why God Abandons the Reprobate

The Names, Roles, and Titles of Jesus

A Study of the Crucifixion of Jesus

What Does the Bible Teach About Adoption?

MP3 Recording of Adoption Class 072516

Miscellaneous Materials

    Netiquette Instructions

    Recommended Library for Beginning Preachers

    The Men's Training Class

    Young Preacher Training Program

    The Cross (a video illustration)

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Historic Bible Studies

    A. S. Hayden's History of the Disciples in the Western Reserve of Ohio

    Barton W. Stone's History of the Christian Church in the West

    Campbell's Discourses

    Campbell / Stone Exchange on Atonement

    Campbell's Sermon on the Law

    Gospel Guardian 1967 Special Edition on Church Cooperation

    Gospel Guardian 1968 Special Edition on the Holy Spirit

    Notes for a Debate on Instrumental Music by Franklin T. Puckett

    Srygley / Hall Exchange on "What is the New Testament Church?"

    The Sand Creek Declaration, Guthrie and Sommer