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Children's Bulletin "Growing With Jesus"

    The Children's Bulletin, "Growing with Jesus," for the Tomlinson Run church of Christ, was initially prepared by Heather Blake and is now being developed by Pam Jones. The bulletins were created for children in our youngest three Bible classes: nursery, preschool, and primary. They are designed for the purposes of giving the children additional materials to keep their interest in Bible matters, as well as a means of giving them Bible related materials to help keep them occupied during worship services. The back of the bulletin is deliberately left blank for the children to copy notes from the sermon charts as they learn to read and write.

Growing With Jesus 2010

Growing With Jesus 2011

Growing With Jesus 2012

Children's Bulletins "Growing With Jesus" 2010

childbulletin030710 - Baby Moses, Part One
childbulletin032110 - The Tower of Babel
childbulletin032810 - Creation
childbulletin040410 - Loaves and Fishes
childbulletin041110 - Joseph's Colorful Coat
childbulletin041810 - Joseph in Egypt
childbulletin042510 - Lost Coin
childbulletin050210 - Daniel in the Lions' Den
childbulletin050910 - Jonah and the Whale
childbulletin051610 - Parable of the Lost Sheep
childbulletin052310 - Zacchaeus
childbulletin053010 - Garden of Eden
childbulletin060610 - Noah and the Flood
childbulletin061310 - Cain and Abe;
childbulletin062710 - David and Goliath
childbulletin070410 - Jacob and Esau
childbulletin071110 - Sower and the Seed
childbulletin071810 - Fiery Furnace
childbulletin090510 - Paul the Apostle
childbulletin091910 - Daniel
childbulletin092610 - Jesus Teaches People How to Live, Part One
childbulletin100310 - Jesus Teaches People How to Live, Part Two
childbulletin101010 - Abraham and Sarah
childbulletin101710 - Joshua Takes Charge
childbulletin102410 - The Walls of Jericho
childbulletin111410 - First Day of Creation
childbulletin112110 - Second Day of Creation
childbulletin112810 - Third Day of Creation
childbulletin120510 - Fourth Day of Creation
childbulletin121910 - Fifth Day of Creation
childbulletin122610 - Sixth Day of Creation

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Children's Bulletins "Growing With Jesus" 2011

childbulletin010211 - God Made the World
        childbulletin010911 - God Made People
        childbulletin011611 - God Planned Families
        childbulletin012311 - Noah, Part One
        childbulletin013011 - Noah, Part Two
        childbulletin020611 - Noah, Part Three
        childbulletin021311 - Noah, Part Four
        childbulletin022011 - Noah, Part Five
        childbulletin022711 - Noah, Part Six
        childbulletin030611 - Noah, Part Seven
        childbulletin031311 - Abraham and Sarah
        childbulletin032011 - Abraham and Lot
        childbulletin032711 - Lot
        childbulletin040311 - Jacob and Esau
        childbulletin041011 - Jacob the Deceiver
        childbulletin041711 - Zacchaeus
        childbulletin042411 - A "Fishy" Breakfast
        childbulletin050111 - The Widow's Mites
        childbulletin050811 - The Boy David
        childbulletin051511 - The Tower of Babel
        childbulletin052211 - The Story of a Shipwreck
        childbulletin052911 - The Story of the Belt of Truth
        childbulletin060511 - The Breastplate of Righteousness
        childbulletin061211 - The Preparation of the Gospel of Peace
        childbulletin061911 - The Shield of Faith
        childbulletin062611 - The Helmet of Salvation
        childbulletin070311 - The Sword of the Spirit
        childbulletin071011 - God's Armor: Prayer
        childbulletin071711 - The Five-Finger Prayer
        childbulletin072411 - The Story of Othniel
        childbulletin073111 - The Story of Ehud
        childbulletin080711 - The Story of Deborah
        childbulletin082111 - God Chooses Gideon
        childbulletin082811 - Gideon Seeks a Sign
        childbulletin090411 - Gideon Obeys God
        childbulletin091111 - Gideon and the Woolen Fleece
        childbulletin091811 - God Chooses an Army
        childbulletin092511 - God Strengthens Gideon
        childbulletin100211 - God Wins a Battle for Gideon
        childbulletin100911 - Baby Samson
        childbulletin101611 - Samson's Riddle
        childbulletin102311 - Samson and Delilah
        childbulletin103011 - The Story of the Good Samaritan
        childbulletin110611 - The Story of Hannah
        childbulletin111311 - Hannah Keeps Her Promise
        childbulletin112011 - Samuel Hears a Voice
        childbulletin112711 - The Story of Naomi
        childbulletin120411 - The Story of Naomi and Ruth
        childbulletin121111 - The Story of Ruth and Boaz
        childbulletin121811 - The Story of Balak and Balaam
        childbulletin122511 - The Story of a Talking Donkey
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Children's Bulletins "Growing With Jesus" 2012

childbulletin010112 - Naaman the Leper
childbulletin010812 - Seven Ducks in Muddy Water
childbulletin010812 - Addendum to Seven Ducks in Muddy Water
childbulletin011512 - Elijah is Fed by Ravens
childbulletin012212 - God Provides for Elijah and a Widow
childbulletin012912 - Elijah and the Contest
childbulletin020512 - Elijah Prays for Rain
childbulletin021212 - Jesus Walks on Water
childbulletin021912 - The Model Prayer
childbulletin022612 - Jesus Rebukes a Storm
childbulletin030412 - Down Through the Roof
childbulletin031112 - The Parable of the Mustard Seed
childbulletin031812 - Jesus Feeds 5000
childbulletin032512 - Parable of the Lost Sheep
childbulletin040112 - Jesus Makes a Blind Man See
childbulletin040812 - Jesus in the Temple
childbulletin041512 - The Parable of the Pearl
childbulletin042212 - The Story of Nicodemus
childbulletin042912 - The Beatitudes, Part One: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
childbulletin050612 - The Beatitudes, Part Two: Blessed are Those Who Mourn
childbulletin051312 - The Beatitudes, Part Three: Blessed are the Meek
childbulletin052013 - The Beatitudes, Part Four: Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness
childbulletin052712 - The Beatitudes, Part Five: Blessed are the Merciful
childbulletin060312 - The Beatitudes, Part Six: Blessed are the Pure in Heart
childbulletin061012 - The Beatitudes, Part Seven: Blessed are the Peacemakers
childbulletin062412 - The Beatitudes, Part Eight: Blessed are the Persecuted
childbulletin070112 - Jesus Heals a Leper
childbulletin070812 - Things Jesus Taught
childbulletin071512 - Ask! Seek!! Knock!!!
childbulletin072212 - The Narrow Way
childbulletin072912 - The Two Builders
childbulletin080512 - Jesus Heals Ten Lepers
childbulletin081912 - Fisherman Called to Follow Jesus
childbulletin082612 - The Baptism of Jesus
childbulletin090912 - "Turn These Stones to Bread"
childbulletin091612 - The Devil Quotes Scripture
childbulletin093012 - The Third Temptation of Jesus by Satan

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