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A Study of Scriptural Fellowship
"As I Have Given Orders to the Churches"
Church Shopping
Desiring a Good Work
Eating with Disciplined Members
"I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord"
Limited Benevolence as a Work of the Local Church
Local Church Discipline
Mechanical Instruments in Worship
Must I be a Member of a Local Church?
Playing Church
Scriptural Elders Deacons and Their Wives
Service to Appoint Deacons for the Tomlinson Run church of Christ
The Church's One Foundation
The New Mountain
The Vow of Christ the Builder
Undermining the Firm Foundation
What Is A Sound Church?
What the Local Church Should Ask You and What You Should Ask the Local Church
Where Would The Lord Assemble Today?
Why I Am a Member of the Church of Christ
"You Think You are the Only Ones Going to Heaven!"

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Edification 2011

A Selah Moment
Authorized to Make Promises
Bible Epitaphs
"But I Didn't Know!"
Creatures Preaching
Crumbs from the Lord's Table
Effective Speaking
Enoch Was Not
Figuratively Speaking
Getting Even is the Lost Thing to Do
Giving Thanks to God Always in All Things
"God Told Me It's OK"
How to Cope When Bad Things Happen to Good People Like Us
I Am in Training
I Was Just Thinking
Imparting Grace to the Hearer
In His Time
Is Any Part of Our Lives Predestined?
Living By Jesus' First Sermon
Living in Babylon
Living with Gomer
Lucifer and Fallen Angels
Matthew 18:15-17
Men Without Names
Miracles of Calvary
Our God is an Awesome God!
Out of the Crypt and Into the Christ
Paradoxes of the Cross
Paying Our Gospel Debts
Publicans and Harlots in the Kingdom of God
Seven Beatitudes of Revelation
Silent and Listen
Spring 2011 Gospel Meeting Report
Stairway to Heaven
Stand Still and Be Quiet
Stewardship of Our Time and Talents
Taking the Bible Into the Twilight Zone: Answering the Zeitgeist Movement and 2012 Alarm
The Bible is not a Science Textbook
The Comforter
The Faith of a Thief
The Faith of the Wise Men
The Gospel of Self
The Idol of Safety
The Touch of the Master's Hand
The Work and Weariness of Love
Twenty-first Century Lepers
Waiting for the Dead
Washing Jesus Feet
What I Learned from the Scribe's Sermons
What is Enmity?
What Is That To Thee?
What the Devil Knows
Why Do Men Sin?
Zeal for Souls

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Edification 2012

101 Excuses Christians Give for Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves Together
Accepting the Blessings of the New Year
Accepting the Challenges of the New Year
"And the Children of Israel No Longer Had Manna"
Answering Aimlessness
Assuming Way Too Much
Bridging the Generation Gap in churches of Christ
Calling for Heroes
Christ the Lord is King of Kings
Decisive Indecision
Discerning the Will of God
Do I Need a Savior?
First Among Servants
Flirting with Temptation
"For Whom the Lord Loves, He Chastens"
Four Men Up in a Tree
"Greater than Solomon"
Growing Up With Tares
Guarding My Neighbor's Good Name
"Have I Cleansed My Heart in Vain?"
"He Has Anointed Me"
"He Prepared His Ways Before the Lord"
"He Shuts Out My Prayer!"
How Can I Know If I am a Hypocrite?
How Well Does God Know Me?
"I am the Lord; That is My Name"
"I Come to the Garden Alone"
"I Do Not Know the Lord!"
"I Feel the Same Way"
"I Quit!"
"In the Beginning was the Word"
Jehu Sat Down Short of the Goal
Just Wating Around? For What?!
"Let Him That Stole..."
Moment by Moment
Praise: From Seed to Fruit
Privileges in Prayer
Salty Souls
Sentencing Day
Seven Stipulations of Sacred Sacrifice
Shaking Hands with a Leper
Solid Food
Some Surprising Scriptures
"That Great Sin of Omission"
The Forgotten Sin
The God of Mercy
The Preacher Who Baptized Me
The Righteousness of God is Revealed from Faith to Faith
The Sermon of Sermons
Things Everyone Will Do
This Little Light of Mine
Walking in the Fear of the Lord
Wasting Precious Ointment
Weighing Sins
What Are My Idols?
What Do I Owe the Lost?
What Happened to Faith Based Expressions?
What Should I Bring with Me to Church?
When Forgiveness Isn't Enough
"Why Am I So Unhappy?"
Why Nations Fall
Witnessing for Christ
"You are Complete in Him"

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Edification 2013

2012 Work Report for the Tomlinson Run church of Christ
"A Time to Laugh"
Asleep in Jesus
"Behold, I Make All Things New"
Carrying Two Crosses
Changing for the Better
Chasing Scapegoats
Children of Light
Correcting Our Criticism
Dealing with Impossible Persons
Deliverance from the Son of a Harlot
Do the Right Thing Because It Is the Right Thing
Do the Right Thing Because It Is the Right Thing to Do (Original Outline by Randy Jones)
Ebed Melech the UnNoticed Ethiopian Eunuch
Frightening the Faithful
God Is Calling the Prodigal Brother, Too
God's Craftsmen
Going Home to Egypt
Going Home to Egypt (conclusion)
Grieving in Heaven
"Guide, Guard, and Direct Us"
Hebrew of Hebrews
High Maintenance Christians
Hope Does Not Disappoint
How Good is Our Vision?
"How Long Have I to Live?"
"How Long Have I to Live?" (Conclusion)
How Should Christians Interact with Withdrawn From Persons?
How to Recognize a Faithful Christian
Humility or Defeatism (Part One)
Humility or Defeatism (Part Two)
I Am Also a Citizen of the United States of America
"I Want the Truth!"
"In the Beginning was the Word"
Is God Too Strict?
Jesus Gave Me
Jesus' Family
Joash Stored the Oil
John's Demon and Jesus' Sinful Friends
Joseph the Just: Son of David
Leaving the Manger
LoDebar: The Grace of a King
Men Who Never Died
Noah's Ark and the Lord's Church
Paul's Boring Sermon
Plant Anger; Grow a Fool
Preaching Like Peter and Paul
Riding into Jerusalem
Seven Social Sins
Shamgar: the Farmer Becomes a Warrior
Temperance: Mind Over Matter
"That's the Power of Love"
The Apostles Ran Once
The Bible's Big Words
The First Day
The Great Omission
The Heart of the Giver
The Last Day
The Name which is above Every Name
The Servant's Heart: Philip the Evangelist
The Testimony of the Scoundrels
Titus: the True Son
Tola and Jair: Cleaning Up Other People's Messes
Touching Jesus
Tychicus the Faithful Minister
Uzziah's Incense
Visiting the Garden of Eden
Weighing Our Options
What can be Accomplished in a Three-Year Ministry?
When the Rains Descend, the Floods Rise, and the Winds Blow
"Who Knows... the Spirit of the Animal?"
Why One Can Earn a Place in Hell But not a Home in Heaven
Without Love I am Nothing
Working as Hard as Satan
You Are Invited
Your Statutes have been My Songs

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Edification 2014

2013 Report on the Work at Tomlinson Run
A Talk with Tomlinson Run
A World without Jesus
"Before His Works of Old"
"Beneath the Banner of the Cross"
Bible Robes
Boaz the Redeemer
Climbing the Tower of Babel
Compassion and Security
Confessing that We are Pilgrims
Contrasts in Connections
Conviction and Conversion: The Power of the Gospel
Courageous Christianity
Deborah Stepped Forward
"Each Piece Put On With Prayer"
Ehud the Sinister
Five Ways to Fall Short
Footprints of Peter
For He is Kind to the Ungrateful
"Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do"
From Compassion to Forgiveness
"Get Mark"
Get Up, Get Out, and Get In
Glorifying the Self
God Changes His Mind
God is Still on His Throne
Goliath of Gath: How to Beat a Bully
"Grace and Truth Came by Jesus Christ"
Holy Hatred
I Know God's Promise is True
I Might be Mistaken
"I Really Want To..."
"I will Sing Praises unto the Lord"
Is the Restoration Movement Over?
Isolating the Saints
Jehoshaphat: A Good King with Bad Friends
Jesus Calls Us
Jesus Wept
Jochebed: Moses' Mother
John the Forerunner of Christ
Judgment Day Surprises
Knocking Down a Giant
"Lo, I am with You Always"
Love Lifted Me
Making Ought To's Into Want To's
Mary: Blessed Among Women
Our Spiritual Bucket List
Othniel the Lion of God
Priscilla and Aquila: "My Fellow Workers in Christ"
Ready for Heaven but Needed on Earth
Reluctant Servants of the Lord
Remembrances of a Life Lived for God
Sanctification by the Holy Spirit
Six Cities of Sanctuary
"So Great a Covenant"
"So Great a High Priest"
"So Great a Salvation"
"Thank God!"
The Antichrist is Coming
The Ascension of the Son of Man
The Greatest Need
The Little Town of Bethlehem
"The Lord Set a Mark on Cain"
The Oracles of God
Trusting in the Goodness of God
Unwittingly Entertaining Angels
Utterly Saved by the Ultimate Savior
Water Into Wine: Change for the Better
What does the Bible Teach about Near Death Experiences?
What is My Place in the Local Church?
What is Worship?
When a Good Man Forgets His Place
When a Prudent Man Makes Stupid Choices
When God's Children Pray
When Satan Tells the Truth
When Sin Becomes a Civil Right
"Who is This Son of Man?"
"Who is Wise and Understanding Among You?"
Why Christians Love the Lord's Church
"You Shall Appoint Judges"
"Zeal for Your House"

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Edification 2015

2014 Report on the Work at Tomlinson Run
A Brand New Day
A Priest Named Zacharias
"Aaron shall be Gathered to His People"
"Behold, All Souls are Mine"
"Bless Those Who Curse You"
Change Begins with Me
Courtesy and Christians
Coveting the Consequences of Corruption
Ersatz Books of the Bible
Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven
"Everyone is Out to Get Me!"
Fundamentals for Facilitating Fellowship
God is Faithful
God Wants Us to be Happy
Good Works Done in Secret
Gospel Power
Growing Grapes and Cultivating Christians
Have You Been Transformed or Just Baptized?
Holding the Coats of Sinners
Holidays or Holy Days?
How to Amaze Jesus
"I Want It Now!"
"I'm Bored"
In Search of the Sabbath
"In Your Patience Posess Your Souls"
Intolerance and Sound Faith are not the Same
Is Bible Class Biblical?
Is My Name Written There?
Islam Isn't It
"It is not a Good Report that I Hear"
Jeremiah's Book of Sermons
Jeremiah's Song
Jezebel Stirred Him Up
King Manasseh: You Can't Undo the Past
Kneeling at the Throne of God in Heaven
Learning to Talk: "How You Ought to Answer"
Loving the Sinner While Hating the Sin
Lydia of Thyatira: The Lord Opened Her Heart
Milk Drinkers and Meat Eaters
Minimizing the Adversary
"Money, Money, Money"
Our God Made Us Winners
Pauls Gospel Meetings in Rome
Perpetual Politically Correct Prejudice
"Please Pray for Me"
Receiving an Accusation Against an Elder
Righteousness, Self-Control, and the Judgment
Saving the Samaritans
"Show Us a Sign"
Sleeping with the Frogs
Some Things Never Change
Someday It Will Be Alright
Stirring the Water at Bethesda
The Apostle from Charioth
The Beam in My Own Eye
The Beauty of Jesus in Me
The Christians' Complaint Department
The First Commandment with Promise
"The Greatest of These is Love" (Part One)
"The Greatest of These is Love" (Part Two)
"The Greatest of These is Love" (Part Three)
The Law of Moses Diet
The Logic of Scripture
The Problem with the Preacher
Things I can Control
Too Polite to Talk
Trying to Live in the Past
Upholding the Weak
Using Proverbs at Home
Watchman, Tell Us of the Night
Wearing Elijah's Mantle
"What If They Never Hear the Gospel Preached?"
What to Say to God
When a King Repents
When I Don't Know the Answer
When Love Falls Short
Where Does God Stand?
Who are the Poor in Spirit?
Who are the Pure in Heart?
Why Does God Get the Blame?
Why Those Twelve?
Wisdom that is Out of this World
"You Can't Tell Me What to Do!"
"You Judge Me; You Judge Me Not"
Zechariah and the Sharp Dressed Man

Edification 2016

2015 Report on the Work at Tomlinson Run
A Miracle for a Rich Kid
"Admonish the Young Women"
"All That is Necessary for the Triumph of Evil"
"Am I Predisposed to Sin?"
"As the Elect of God, Holy and Beloved"
"Be of Good Cheer"
Bible Based Business Ethics
"Blessed are the Meek"
"Blessed are the Merciful"
"Blessed are the Peacemakers"
"Blessed are Those Who are Persecuted for Righteousness' Sake"
"Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness"
"Blessed are Those Who Mourn"
Christians and Self-Defense
Doubts that Do not Damage
Equal in God's Eyes
"Exhort the Young Men to Be"
From Horseshoes to Swiss Watches
"Given to Us in Christ Jesus Before Time Began"
God Intends for All to be Saved
"Have I Committed the Sin Unto Death?"
"He has Shown You O Man What is Good"
How God Cares for His Children
How to Become New
How to Become Trustworthy
"I Am the Bread of Life" (Part One)
"I Am the Bread of Life" (Conclusion)
"I Am the Door"
"I Am the Good Shepherd"
"I Am the Light of the World"
"I Am the True Vine"
Is God Responsible for Disabilities?
"It Doesn't Make Sense!"
"Jesus Christ, Our Passover" (Part One)
"Jesus Christ, Our Passover" (Part Two)
Learning about Learning
"Let All of the People Say 'Amen'"
Living and Learning
"Lord, Is It I?"
Moses' Last Prayer
Must I Make a Sacrifice?
Mythbusting the Psalms
"Nailed It!"
"Not Willing that Any Should Perish"
"O the Things We May Do"
"Our Father in Heaven Gives Good Things to Those Who Ask" (Part One)
"Our Father in Heaven Gives Good Things to Those Who Ask" (Part Two)
Paul's Parting Proclamation
Praying for the Poor and Needy
Praying for the Sick and Afflicted
Psalm 86: David Teaches Israel How to Pray, Parts One and Two
Psalm 100: David Teaches Israel How to Worship
Psalms Instruct Christians about Christ
Psalms Instruct Christians in Righteousness
Psalms: Teaching Christians How to Pray
Questions that Lead Us to Conquer
Re-Kindling the Fires of Our Zeal
Saying Things No One Wants to Hear
Sermons You Won't Read in the Bible
Spiritual Growth and Self-Esteem
Ten Tall Tales We Tell Ourselves
The Bible Plan for Personal Peace
The Congregation that Lasted 100 Years
"To Err is Human"
Transitions: From My Parents' Faith to My Faith"
"Truly, This was the Son of God!"
What Does the Bible Teach About Retirement?
What Does the Bible Teach About Shame?
What's the Worst that can Happen?
When Blessed with Opportunities
"When I Survey the Wondrous Cross"
When Love Faciliates Sin
When Lying Feels Right
You Cannot Be Taught Wrong and Be Baptized Right
"You'll Never Amount to Anything!"
Youth Mortality

Edification 2017

2016 Report on the Work of the Tomlinson Run church of Christ
A Closer Look at Thomas the Twin
Act in Haste; Repent in Leisure
Appointing Myself as the Judge
Blessings are Responsibilities
Contentment: The Prince of Virtues
Conversions in the Book of Acts
Deathbed Confessions
Do You Trust God or Just Believe in Him?
Ezekiel: God's Strong Prophet
"For Ye are the Light of the World"
Getting up after being Knocked Down by Life
Growing in the Knowledge of the Lord
Habakkuk's Prayer
Hannah's Prayer
Harvesting the Fruit of Ignorance
How Jesus Changed the World
How to Handle the Dishonesty of Others
"I AM"; Therefore, You Are
"I Cannot be Forgiven"
"I Cannot Give"
"I Have Set the Lord Before Me"
"I was just too Busy"
Is God an American?
Isaiah: The Prophet of Redemption
"Jesus Is Coming Soon"
Learning by Listening
Learning by Watching
Lessons from the Altar of Jehovah Jireh
Make Me a Barnabas
"Make Me to Know Your Ways, O Lord"
Malachi: Prophet of Remembrance
Micah of Moresheth
Nahum, God's Uncomfortable Prophet
Opening a Door for the Gospel
Our Words of Power
Paul's Co-Worker Couple in Corinth
Prayer Opens Doors
"Set a Guard over My Mouth"
Singing Redemption's Song
The Day Everything went Wrong
The Death of Abraham
The Last Straw
The Power of the Resurrection
The Tombs of the Prophets
"Those Who were Scattered went Everywhere Preaching the Word"
"Thou art the Potter; I am the Clay"
Visiting Orphans
We are Never Alone
What Does the Bible Say about Human Nature?
What Does the Bible Say about the Right to Privacy?
What Does the Bible Teach about Polygamy?
What Does the Bible Teach about Tithing?
What Does the Bible Teach about Yesterday?
What to do When God Says "No"
When Our Rooster Crows
When Will Jesus Return?
Why Do We Love the Lost?

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Family Lessons

Understanding My Family
Understanding My Marriage
Understanding My Wife
Understanding My Husband
Understanding My Children
Understanding My Parents
Naomi and Ruth: Gods Non Traditional Family
Religiously Mixed Marriage
Godly Mothers
Godly Wives
Godly Fathers
Godly Husbands
Godly Children
Destroying Divorce Among Disciples
Does God Require Me to Remain in an Abusive Marriage?
Faithful Parents and Unfaithful Children
Fundamentals For Fractured Families
"Let the Little Children Come to Me"
Teenage Dating: How Close Is Too Close?
"The Hand that Rocks the Cradle"
What Children Really Need

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In His Image: Falling Short of the Glory of God
In His Image (Lesson One)
In His Image (Lesson Two)
In His Image (Lesson Three)
In His Image (Lesson Four)
In His Image (Lesson Five)
Jesus Loves Me!
Learning to Get Along With Difficult People
Learning to Love Difficult People
Wandering Soul, You Are Breaking Our Hearts
Why Did a Loving God Make Me This Way?
Why Does a Loving God Allow Me to be Tempted?
Why Does a Loving God Allow Evil to Exist?
Why Does a Loving God Send People to Hell?

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Luke's Book of Outlines (Sermons from Acts)

Overview of Preaching From Lukes Book of Outlines
1 Peter's Pentecost Proclamation
2 Peter's Afternoon Address
3 Peter's Sermon Sequel
4 Stephen's Last Lesson
5 Philip's Sermons in Samaria
6 Peter's Censure of Simon
7 Philip's Individual Instruction of the Ethiopian Eunuch
8 Ananias' Short Sermon to Saul
9 Peter's Home Bible Study
10 Barnabas' Edifying Exposition
11 Paul's Sabbath Sermon in the Synagogue
12 James' Jerusalem Judgment
13 Paul's Athens Address
14 Alexander's Denied Defense of Discipleship
15 Paul's Encouragement of the Ephesian Elders
16 Paul's Sermon From the Stairs
17 Paul's Appropriate Answer to Felix
18 Paul's Astounding Address to Agrippa
19 Paul's Restorative Rebuke
20 Paul's Discourse to the Dull

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Moral Issues

A Covenant with My Eyes
Am I Sinning When I...?
Burning Mommy's Idols
Calling Out to Those Who Pass By
Christians and the Modern Dance: Old Timer's Scruple or Old Fashioned Sin?
Euphemisms: Dirty Talk in Disguise
Even a Child is Known by His Deeds
Evil Woman
God's Plan of Redemption vs. Satan's Plan of Condemnation
How Did I Get Here?
I Am Afraid God Won't Forgive Me
"If I Do Not Wash You..."
I'll Stop Procrastinating... Tomorrow
"Just Don't Tell the Preacher!"
Looking for a Ram in the Thicket
Modesty In Worship
Party Spirit In Disagreements
Social Networking and Sound Doctrine
What Does the Bible Teach About Suicide?
Where Should a Christian Draw the Line?

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Agents of Salvation
"All Things are Ready; Come to the Feast!"
Baptism and the Holy Spirit
"Baptism: Not the Removal..."
Baptizing Our Parents and Children
Called by God
Do I Have To Make A Public Confession?
Four Great Salvation Questions
How to Enjoy Your Own Salvation
"Lord, I Believe; Help My Unbelief!"
"Now When They Heard This..."
Reckoned for Righteousness
The Age of Accountability
The Greatest Statement Ever Made
Unbelievers and the Judgment
You Cannot Be Taught Wrong and Be Baptized Right
Who Wants Me to be Baptized?
Why Are People Afraid of the Gospel?
"Why Does God Want to Save Me?!"

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Singing Services

Anywhere with Jesus
Around the Table of the Lord
Ask for the Old Paths Part One
Ask for the Old Paths Part Two
Blessed Assurance
Closer to Thee: Hymns of Fellowship
Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus
Do Not Neglect the Gift that is in You
Do You Know My Jesus?
Does Jesus Care?
Exhort One Another
Exhorting One Another
Faith of Our Fathers
Fight the Good Fight of Faith
From Grace Unto Hope Unto Joy
Great Bible Questions in Song
Hymns of Resolution
Hymns of the Father of Mercies and the God of All Comfort
I Am Happy Today
I Am Resolved
"I Love Being a Christian!"
In Christian Love
Lead Me to Calvary
Lest Anyone Fall Short
Oh For a Child-like Heart in Me
Peace Perfect Peace
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
Resolutions for the New Year
Seeking the Lost
Singing Psalms
Songs for the Close of Day
Songs for the Road
The Battle Belongs to the Lord
The Fruit of the Spirit
The Light of the World
The Lord is My Shepherd
The Plan of Salvation
Theres a Great Day Coming
What a Great Fellowship!
Whatever the Weather

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The Word of God

Apples of Eden
"Herman Who!?" (Manifesting God's Word)
Psalms for the 21st Century Christian
Saving the Scriptures
Saving the Scriptures (Conclusion)
The Bible Really Works!
The Commandment is not too Mysterious for You
The Incorruptible Seed
The Seven Commandments for Patriarchs
Using the Old Testament
Using the New Testament

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